Monday, August 11, 2008

Puppies for Sale!

We are nearing the time for the "babies" to be rehomed. They are so cute and have such great "big" personalities, but it is time.

They are 5 weeks old now and all doing fabulous! None have "escaped" the box inside or the fence outside. Last year we had a few escape artists and it was harder to contain them.

We have officially started advertising, so hopefully we can get some good homes lined up by next week for some, majority or ALL! They will be ready to go home on Saturday, August 23.

So, pass this link on to anyone you know who may be wanting an adorable English Springer Spaniel Puppy. I have (3) black/white tri-colored (all female) and (5) liver/white tri-colored (3 boys, 2 girls).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok.....seriously you've got to come see him!

Last night the Tent Meeting and Tom Harmon were an amazing experience! You could literally feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the tent. What a powerful feeling. His preaching is like nothing you have heard before. He certainly doesn't beat around the bush. Lays it right out there, calls it like it is. His preaching is the words straight from the Lord and it will knock the breath right out of you.

If you are considering coming, come.

If you have "things" to do, put them off til later and come.

See the post below for the Tent Meeting details.

E-mail, call, comment with questions.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ministry of Tom Harmon

If you aren't familiar with the ministry of Tom Harmon you are missing out on seeing a truly inspirational and motivating man of God.

Tom is an ex Michigan State Police Trooper. Years ago he felt called from God to leave the force and go into ministry. He is an amazing family man (having 4 children who now all serve the Lord in different capacities). He has 17, soon to be 18 grand children. He is a husband, father, grandfather, author and much more. He has memorized the entire New Testament of the KING JAMES version of the bible. And......

He is at South Blendon Reformed Church TONIGHT, TOMORROW AND WEDNESDAY sharing his ministry with us.

He lead us in our morning service yesterday and his love and devotion to God is AMAZING. His ability to recite his passages from the bible is astounding! He is truly an inspiration. I could sit and listen to him for HOURS and it would literally feel like only minutes.

I encourage any of you who may read this Blog to come! Come one night or come all three nights! There is child care for infants-5 years old available. Praise and Worship starts at 7:00, with Tom speaking at 7:30. There are also refreshments and cookies available each evening. On Wednesday there is a pig roast prior, starting at 5:30.

Everything about this is FREE FREE FREE!!

This is not a normal church service. This is a good ole tent revival! You can't miss the huge tent in our parking lot. If the weather doesn't cooperate we will move it inside. Dress casually and comfortably!!!

Nick and I will be there every night and we would love to see you all there!!

Please let me know if you have ANY questions.

For more about Tom Harmon, you can look him up on his website at