Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is it just me, or are kids EXTREMELY loud, when they are being BRUTALLY honest?

So, I just suffered one of THE MOST embarrassing moments this evening in Meijer.

I am pretty sure that no one should find this offensive, but if you do, I do apologize.

So, I am in the U-Scan check out with all three kids, but this story is pretty much about the youngest Beute, Nate.

So, I approach the clerk at the desk for some assistance and I could already tell (not trying to be stereotyping at all, but it was obvious) that this young man had some rather "femanine" gestures to him.

When he (the clerk) is done assisting us and has he is walking back to his station (about 3 feet from us) Nate asks very loudly "Is that a boy or a girl?" I know that not only did the three other u-scan isle heard this, but pretty certain the employee did as well. So I say "Don't be silly, of course he is a boy". Then, even louder (and still very innocent) Nate replies with "Well, he doesn't SOUND like a boy".

On the inside I was so embarrassed, shocked that Nate could tell that he didn't "sound" like a boy...but also agreeing with him, that indeed this young man did not "sound" like the average boy.

So, I gathered up my things as quickly as I possibly could and got out of there as quick as possible, making eye contact with NO ONE!

Guess I will just have to chalk this up to just one of the many not-so-proud moments yet to come.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Very Nice Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was so great and we really got to spend some good ole quality family time!

Saturday we went up north to the cabin. It was so nice up there. Ryleigh brought her friend Megan along. Ryleigh, Kobe and Megan have all mastered steering the golf cart. They were so proud and excited about doing this. Now, only a few more inches taller we will work on mastering the gas and break. We went to visit a friend at her parents cottage while up there (but she was napping). However, we did spend some time at their beach. It only took about 5 minutes of being down by that water before the boys stripped to their undies and were swimming in the freezing cold water that just thawed. They had a great time doing it though!

Sunday after church we went south to the cottage. Another great day again! The kids got do so some fishing and more swimming (well, mainly the boys....Ryleigh doesn't like the cold water). It was just so nice out and we really had a great time.

Then yesterday Nick went and golfed 18 with a long lost friend of ours while I took the kids to the zoo, followed by lunch at Russ', followed by grocery shopping (which I try to never do, and haven't done it in a while, and will probably never do again with all three kids).

All in all with the business we have been dealing with and crazy work schedules it was just so nice and relaxing to just hang out together.

I will try to bring my camera along more often so that I can share all this in pictures.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Gift that keeps on Giving...

It came, saw and conquered Kobe. It is still attacking Nate and now Ryleigh has been hit!

This is not a good time to just be sitting around dealing with sick kids that is for sure! Who has time for this???

What the bug doesn't know is that I am in high retaliation mode. All bedding was washed yesterday and may get another wash today. Rooms are getting cleaned, windows will be opened. Whatever this "thing" is that has now taken up almost 2 weeks of my life is going to lose! Or at least I will not go down without a fight.

So Wednesday we have tickets for Kenny Chesney that I gave Nick for his birthday. With our luck either a kid will still be sick, so one of us can't go....or one of us will be sick so neither can go!

Pray that we get the bug out soon!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sometimes you wish your kids DIDN'T share!

Kobe is doing MUCH better! He is actually back at school today and believe me....we were BOTH excited about that. I almost wish they would just give them the antibiotic shot right away instead of messing around with 5 days of meds. that apparently don't work anyway.

But now Nate is sick! Last night I kind of accused him of faking an upset stomach. See, the rule in our house is if you are sick you get to sleep in the spare bedroom across the hall from our room. This is where Kobe has resided for almost a week. Because of this Nate has been sleeping in Ryleigh's bed and Ryleigh on the floor. Not ideal by any means, but Nate is scare to sleep alone and didn't and was scared to be on Ryleigh's floor too, I guess. So anyway, last night Nate started saying that his tummy hurt, so he guessed that meant to got to sleep in the "computer room" aka spare bedroom. It was said quite pathetically as to lay it on real thick to get some sympathy....but when I told him I was going on a bike ride with Ryleigh and Kobe he made a miraculous recovery and raced with the rest of them.

So, I hung out at a friends house a little later than I probably should have on a school night last night and came in about midnight. I got caught up in an episode of Miami Ink when Nate started calling for me at 1:00. He came upstairs and sure enough 103 fever! Needless to say, I didn't get to bed until closer to 2:00 this morning. 6:30 came fast and furious this morning, that's for sure.

So, as often as we try to get our kids to share, encourage our kids to share....or just plain MAKE them share, I really wish this was one occasion Kobe kept his germs to himself. I am so sick of sick kids.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Poor Kobe! That poor boy has been so sick the past few days. It started Friday night. He had a pretty high fever and even when treated with Motrin and Tylenol it would go down, but not away.

We went to the doctor on Monday and my self diagnosis was confirmed...Pneumonia. So, he started on antibiotics on Monday and still today he continues to have the high fever and the cough actually has gotten worse. So back to see good ole' Dr. Lirio this afternoon. Dr. Lirio says he isn't quite at the point yet of needing to be admitted for IV antibiotics (thank goodness!). They did, to Kobe's great dismay, give him a shot in his hinder. If he isn't better by Friday we will have to go back in for a reassessment and see what our next course of treatment will be.

Poor baby!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We LOVE TJ & Skylee Sale

It is that time of year again for the LOVE TJ & Skylee Sale! Well, actually the sale this a month early this year. Check out the link to the flyer with the dates and times of the event.

Please pass this information along to friends, family and neighbors (who doesn't like a GREAT bargain to help a really special cause!).

Pictured here are the babies that have benefitted from past sales. What a blessing this sale has been and continues to be!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Guess I am not as "COOL" as I thought I was.....

So, this goes back to the post about me taking the kids to school on their bikes a few weeks ago....

Last time we road bikes, I was informed by our friend, Adam, the oldest of the kids that went that morning that sometime soon when he is a little older he can ride his bike to school by himself. He is in 3rd grade this year. We ran into a classmate of his at the bike rack and he looked a little embarrassed that there was a "mom" with him. So, I kinda jokingly said to him when we got home that next time I will just hide around the corner so not to make him look bad and give all the other kids the impression that he can do it all by himself.

So, Adam was in the lead this morning with our crew of 5 kids riding bikes to school this morning. He stops at our "shortcut" path and waits. I get to the front of the line and asked why he stopped. I asked if he wanted to take the long way around and he says no, that he likes the shortcut. So I say "Well, then lets get moving." But he just stayed there for a minute....looking like he needed to say something. So, I asked him what was up and to my shock (although I thought it was actually HILARIOUS) he says..."Are you going to hide like you said you would?".

Apparently someone didn't want to suffer the same embarrassment at the bike rack again. So, being a good mom, I road them up to the end of the path (still a good ways from school) so that no other kids would see that I actually road with them to school.

I just laughed about it almost all the way home. I really couldn't believe he actually asked me to do that! I will admit that it was a blow to my ego as well....I always thought I was the Cool Mom!