Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lord, please help me accept the things I cannot change!

So, does anyone else find it totally annoying that our kids are growing up?

This is a serious question.

I remember that I used to get excited because I thought that their toys get smaller as they get older. As an infant and toddler you are always walking around the swing, bouncy seat, excer-saucer, high chair, activity blankets, ride on toys, etc. I could not wait to get rid of that stuff!

I guess I wished that too soon. Now we have small Lego's that kill your feet when you step on them. Verses the building blocks. Their toys get smaller, but more expensive (Nintendo DS, MP3 Players) that your kids are dieing to have, but cannot figure out why we get so frustrated when we see them sitting on the front porch!

The other day Ryleigh (7 1/2 years old and in 2nd grader, mind you) comes upstairs from her OWN bathroom (which is something I never and still don't have) with an OBSCENE amount of purple eye-shadow on and lip gloss. I comment on how "nice" she looks for school. She says very casually "well, I had some extra time to spare this morning". I remember BEGGING my mom to wear makeup to school and wasn't allowed until like 5th or 6th grade. I didn't argue it that morning. I figured it would probably wear off before she got to school anyway.

I guess what really took it to the top for me today is the never ending battle of finding Ryleigh's clothes on the floor of her closet. For quite some time it would just unnerve me! Why can't she hang her clothes up if she pulls it off the hanger!? Then, while putting laundry away today it dawned on me. She has officially outgrown her "child/toddler" hangers. She needs bigger hangers. My little girl is really really growing up. Too fast!!

They all are. I wonder if our parents felt like this. I never remember them expressing it. Is this my way of facing the fact that I am approaching "mid-life"? In my mind I am still 24! I have been cruelly reminded by my youth group kids that I am 24 with 7 (soon to be 8) years experience. Mid Life. What an awful mean set of words!

After re-reading this I guess it sounds incredibly depressing! I think the hanger thing just slapped me with a huge dose of reality. No matter how much I wish it, my kids are growing up. There is no changing that fact. I need to learn to accept this.

We are so blessed with so many things. A wonderful family and AMAZING friends. A house that even though we constantly complain about it and think we don't have enough room, it is more than we need. We both have jobs that we love. Our kids are very healthy.

So, I guess today part of accepting the inevitable, I have to go out and purchase a load of new hangers and while "someone" is not looking, hide the purple eye shadow.

If anyone needs a ton of child size hangers, they can be found at the Beute's.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on the Beute's!

Sorry so long for an update. Life has been crazy busy these days.
We have successfully started school! YEAH! Ryleigh is now in 2nd grade. Kobe is in Kindergarten going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday all day. Nate started 4 year old Pre school this week. Tuesday was his first day. Everyone seems to be getting into the swing of things pretty well. Our biggest challenges seem to be our morning routine. That definitely needs work!

Kobe started soccer. He had his first practice on Monday. I wasn't able to go, but Nick said he did really well. He said Kobe ran more in his one practice than what Ryleigh did her entire soccer career....we found quickly that soccer was NOT her sport!

Ryleigh started piano lessons up this week. This is her 3rd year. She had to get a new teacher as her old one retired. We will miss her, but feel we found a great substitute for her.

And Nate. He is just a piece of work these days. Yesterday he had on his back-pack (which is almost bigger than him) from 8:00-9:00 just waiting to leave for school. When he got to his classroom he barely said goodbye and was off. Mr. Independent! He loved every minute of it. My friend Jennifer is watching him on Wednesdays while I am at work. Her daughter is taking gymnastics on Wednesdays so I thought I would sign Nate up also. Today is his first day and he was busting with excitement all morning waiting to leave!

Fall programs for church are gearing up, which makes this a very busy time for me. It is all bitter sweet. I LOVE my job, but it takes alot of time away from family. Pray for a good balance this year.

We have only one puppy left from our litter of 8. This puppy experience went really well, but this pup needs a home! I actually even named him this morning. Hey, at 9 weeks old I was feeling so bad for him NOT having a name! So, if you know anyone that is looking for a great pup, Rocky's the dog for them! He is already partially housebroke, working on Leash Training, comes when called, the list goes on!

Everything else with the Beute's is just great!