Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to my big 6 year old!

It isn't at all that I missed Kobe's birthday....don't worry....I didn't. And no, it isn't because he is the middle child and gets passed over either. Life has just been plain ole busy!

But a HUGE happy birthday to Kobe who turned 6 earlier this month!

October isn't just special because it is Kobe's birthday, but it is extra special because 3 days after his birthday is his most important "Gotcha Day" (the anniversary of the day Kobe came home).

Kobe came home to us 5 years ago. What a blessing he has been to our lives. We would not be the same without him. We are so lucky that God chose us to be his parents. Although he is stubborn (most likely inherited from me) he is so so special and has so many awesome gifts.

He is the most caring and tenderhearted boy I know. Even at a "cool" 6 years old, he is still my cuddler. Loves to snuggle. Loves to hug.

Kobe wants to be an animal doctor when he grows up....but only for dogs, cats and giraffes. No snakes or lions or tigers or bears. I am sure that dog, cat and giraffe doctors are in high demand. There is a lot of job stability, I guess. But, Nick and I really think he will end up being a preacher....the kid has the best prayers and always reminds us that God is really the only one that knows everything (just to remind us that we don't).

He has some big dreams, but for now being 6 is keeping him busy enough. When he isn't playing with his animals or favorite game (Uno Attack) he is busy on the playing field. He has found that he loves (and is very good at) wrestling, t-ball and the most aggresive (and not being partial...but best) soccer player on his team. Here are some of my favorite more recent pics.

He is a big kindergartner now and loves going to school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday all day. LOVE LOVES to ride the bus (although big sis does not enjoy him on it with her...I guess he cramps her "style"). I have found him to not only be quite popular among the kids in his class, but by many students and parents in the above grades. I get ALOT of "Oh, so YOU'RE Kobe's mom!" Not sure, but so far it seems like a good thing. I am sure that he leaves a lasting impression by most he meets at school just being one of the very few non-toe heads there. I love that he seems to be creating quite a following.
Hopefully will have time to post some updates again soon.