Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Little Champ

Most of you know that Kobe has been wrestling. We signed him up for the Allendale Freestyle Wrestling Club and he absolutely LOVES it. It is so fun to see him out there and really learning and performing the moves that he is taught.

This past Saturday he had his first tournament (This isn't just some community ed. wrestling thing...they actually have tournaments on Saturday for 6 weeks and then regionals!). This tournament was at Grand Haven High School. Kobe won his very first match. He did not pin his opponent, but he won by points. He was so proud! He just had such a good time. He literally smiled thru each match (even as he was getting pinned). Overall he ended up taking third in his bracket. He can't wait til this Saturday's tournament in Byron Center.

At the practice following tournaments the coaches award "Outstanding Effort" T-shirts to usually 2 wrestlers that displayed some sort of Outstanding Effort. Kobe was given this award on Tuesday! It is just really cool what a huge boost of confidence this entire experience has been so far to him. He was awarded this because of how hard he tried, but even more how he just went out there having the time of his life! The coaches used that as an example of how important it is to remember that you are out there wrestling because you love it and it is fun.

Needless to say I have just been the very proud mom this past week.

If you ever need to get your sons into something, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into a wrestling club. This has just been so great for Kobe.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

7 years ago today

It is Ryleigh's birthday. She is 7. Guess I am not feeling too excited about it. I know she is excited, but I am pretty bummed. Where did the past 7 years go? I was getting the video camera out on Sunday to use for Youth Group and was forwarding thru some video tapes looking for a blank one. To be honest, I never really realized how much video we took of Ryleigh when she was younger (typical first child I guess, because we have none of the boys). It made me so sad! She was such a fun (and funny) baby/toddler. Now she is a BEAUTIFUL (but very stubborn) girl.

There are BIG surprises in store for her today that I cannot wait for. No "big" celebration this year. There is no "friend" party nor are we getting together with either sides of families. Nick's family has always done the "Beute Birthday Bash" where we get together in July and celebrate everyone's birthday at one time (very nice and fun for larger families) and this year my family is trying it as well. So, on Saturday we will have Grandpa and Grandma's over, but that is it. Since she won't be reading this (but I will show her later tonight) I can tell you that she and her best friend are going to go to High School Musical on Ice tomorrow. She has no clue about this yet. Prior to HSM they are going to go to Libby Lu's for a "make over" then we will go out to dinner. So, although no parties, I am certain this will be a good birthday for her.

It is so crazy to think that before having children all I really wanted in my life were 4 boys. That is what I pictured my ideal family being. Although the dream of 4 children is still very much alive, I just cannot picture how my life would have been without Ryleigh. The bond between mother and daughter is definately like no other. Not stronger than a mother and son by no means, but it is different. I feel so blessed that God chose us to be her parents and raise her. (I can say this today because the morning went relatively smooth....).

Happy Birthday Ryleigh! I love you so much and hope this was a GREAT 7th Birthday for you!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

4 Things

Thank you Marissa for your "4 things" tag! Here's what I've got:

1. Four jobs that I have had in my life:
-Youth Director (current)
-Daycare Provider
-Product/Project Coordinator for a Sign Company
2. Four Movies I would/have watch(ed) over and over:
-Return to Me
-Fried Green Tomatoes
-Pay it Forward
3. Four places I have lived:
-Allendale, MI
-Wyoming, MI
-Jenison, MI
-Hudsonville, MI
4. Four TV shows that I watch:
-Biggest Loser
-Millionaire Matchmaker (I know, but it takes NO braincells to watch it, that's why I like it)
-Amazing Race (did you know that they have reruns of this on the GSN at 3:00 a.m.!)
-Any other reality TV show really
5. Four places I have visited:
-Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
-Various locations in Florida
-Does Ohio count?
-West Virginia and the states in between, I guess. (not a world traveler!)
6. Four people who email me regularly:
-My mother
-Nick (obviously just sending me funny "forwards", not our main source of communication)
-Whoever is responsible for sending SPAM e-mails
-I can't list the 4th person right now for fear that they may read this blog at some point and get offended, although their frequent e-mails are appreciated, but generally not necessary and have no real point.
7. Four of my favorite foods:
-Cheese Broccoli Soup from Rainbow Grill (or Russ')
-Fried Mushrooms (I realize this list doesn't sound healthy...just because it is on here doesn't mean I am frequently eating them)
8. Four places I would like to be right now:
-On a vacation (not too picky as to where...anywhere but hear sounds good to me)
-Outside, if it were warmer
9. Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
-Watching the kids play t-ball (both Ryleigh and Kobe)
-Spending time at the folks' cottage
-Having weekends to spend with Nick and the kids again since Youth Group won't take soo much time!
10. Four people who should post 4 things:
-I'm not sure if even four people read this blog...and if they do, if they even have a I guess I will tag whomever is reading this!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My new ride!

I am so EXCITED! After years of suffering in a mini van I have finally gotten an "upgrade". Next week I will be sporting my new (well, "previously owned"...but new to me) Mercury Mountaineer. This is the actual picture of it. It is so pretty! It still seats 7, so I haven't lost any space really. It is fully loaded even with heated leather seats! I can't wait. I said a very non-teary goodbye to the mini van last night. Don't get me wrong, that is a good van and it served our family well for many years....I just never liked that van. Car shopping was fun, but man I didn't realize how stressful it was! Nate was a huge help to me though. He was such a trooper going out on such cold days and suffering through this with me. The kids are very excited, but a bit disappointed because they wanted a new car with a T.V. in it....they'll just have to get over it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Don't say a word, I already know....

Pet Zone actually had the cage (used) with bowls, bunny toys and bedding in it at a clearence price. I figured God was telling me to "keep the bunny". I even brought the thing to the vet this a.m. and they cut it's nails and determined that it is a Boy. They think either a min-lop or some mixed breed. He is probably 4-6 months old. So, he is now set up nice in comfy in his new pad in Ryleigh's room. Boy, will she be surprised.

Nick feels as if he has lost all control over our house...but, he'll get over it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lost and Found

Driving down a dirt road tonight Nick saw this ball of fur on the side. We backed up to find this domestic bunny FREEZING on the side of the road. Anyone who knows me knows I can't leave an animal loose like that. It was right on the edge of the dirt road. I got out and another car was driving by. I thought for sure going near the edge to clear our car he was going to hit this rabbit, but amazingly he did not. The rabbit, however, didn't move either. I picked it up and it was freezing with ice and snow stuck to it. Well, we took it home, made it a warm bed and surprisingly Family Fare carries rabbit food! So I fixed him up with some rabbit food, lettuce and carrots and he (or she, I guess) has been just chomping away. Nick and I don't believe this poor animal was long for this life if left on the side of the road much longer.

Now....what to do with this thing......We are DEFINITELY not in the market for a rabbit. If you know of anyone who maybe, please pass this along and have them get in contact with me. I know I can bring it out to the Humane Society, but I am afraid they will put it to sleep. I haven't handled it anymore than necessary because I don't know how nice it really is or if it may have some weird diseases or something (I know nothing about rabbits).

Help me find this guy a place to live!

IT's 2:00 AM, do you know where your husband is at?

So here is, 2:00 am (yes, as in the morning, or "middle of the night" for some) and the dogs are going CRAZY like there is someone at the front door. Now, previously in the evening, Nick was at a buddies house with some friends (I will with-hold names to protect the "innocent") last night playing pool and whatever else guys do when together. I was sound asleep and had no idea what time it was or when he came home. So, at 2:00 AM I was startled awake and tell Nick that it seems like someone is outside. He gets up and looks and finds TWO police cruisers in front of our house with the policemen on our front porch pearing into our garage and what not. Nick's paniced response was "I didn't do anything, don't answer the door". OK....cause evading or hiding from the police sounded l ike a good idea....not really. So, I go to the door and they start asking if my husband was home, when he got home, etc. Long story short, apparently a neighbor of the house he was at called in some suspicious behavior and the police followed Nick's tracks home (he was literrally just on the other side of 56th). I guess their neighborhood has experienced some break ins or vandelism. Well, sorry guys. They asked for names and at 2:00 in the morning I sang like a canary. Anything to get these guys out of my house. I suggested to Nick that perhaps us wives need to start enforcing a curfew....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!

I sold the old Mini Van this evening!!! I am having a big CELEBRATION! HALLELUJAH! Let the fun car shopping begin!

A little bit of honesty....

OK....I will admit it. I have been a long time blog "lurker". Is there something wrong with it? I guess I thought it always entertaining to see what is going on in everyone elses lives. It kinda always gave me a break from my own reality. However, I guess the guilt of frequently and secretly "lurking" has gotten to me and now I should share as well.

I can't guarantee it will always be interesting, insightful, funny or exciting....but it will at least maybe give you something to read if you need a break in your own day.