Friday, February 1, 2013


I am overwhelmed with a feeling of complete and total gratitude and thankfulness today.  It has become almost debilitating.  As I sit today and play and stretch and exercise and snuggle our Life Changer (Princess Sadie) I am overwhelmed with emotions of the love people have shown to her thru this unbelievable fundraiser.  I feel like all I can do is go on my knees and thank God for each Angel he has sent to us in this way.

It is hard to even call it a "fundraiser" at this point, as I feel it has become so much more than that!

It has brought people from all over the WORLD together to care for one of HIS precious children!

This "event" as brought orphan awareness to the forefront for some of you.  This "event" has brought awareness of not just the trials, but the BLESSINGS of special needs to the attention of so many!

This "event" has brought business owners from our little community out to find ways that they can get involved!

This "event" has shown YOUNG and the not-so-young, that you don't have to give ALOT to make a HUGE difference to some!  You just have to GIVE.

My awesome and very talented neighbor and friend is coming along side us with her business and created a specific hair bow for this fundraiser that you can order and a portion of the proceeds will go into the Chariot Fundraiser!  Please see the link here to her facebook page on how to order I hope to see MANY sporting the Princess Bow!!/pages/Abbies-Bow-Creations/318753401424

Of course you can still donate online thru Paypal

Or donating thru our bank is also still an option! Checks can be written to Sarah Butterfield or Audrey Beute and mailed to;

Chemical Bank
5980 Lake Michigan Dr.
Allendale, MI 49401

Attn: Conni/Sadie's Chariot Fund
Please indicate it is for Princess Sadie's Chariot Fund in the memo line.

As I watch the numbers grow (and I am not talking the money, but the numbers of people "going" to this even and the people being INVITED) I just get so excited!  I am excited for what others will be shown and what all will see.  God at work!  Praying that the current 8,128 people "invited" will not just decline the invite, but read the stories and listen to the way God maybe talking to them!  I am praying that ALL are touched by the tangible way God is showing His love for ALL of us!!

As I stated earlier today on Facebook, my husband can hardly stand all the "goodness" that is going on.  Very hard for any of us to be on the receiving end at times, but I think harder for a man.  This morning I told you that we were well past $1,000 and at this point I can tell you that we have BLOWN by $2,000 and are nearing close to $3,000....Unbelievable....all that and still 27 days in February to go.  Sadly, I think we did put God in a box and set limits on Him when this fundraiser started. My friend, Jen, said it correctly this morning that she wrote "I think The Lord just kind of chuckled when you dreamed up 4,000 people by the end of February! I see him flexing in a way that triples that # in 4 days. Oh that we might all see His pursuit of us through Sadie's story!"

And to share a piece of Sadie's goodness with you all....for those I am not facebook friends with, Sadie had a week in the hospital a few weeks ago.  This was just a precious moment she and I had shared together.  The story behind it is that Nick always says he is Sadie's best friend....the proof is in the pudding, we ALL know now, who is REALLY her best friend.  Sorry Nick! ;)

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