Saturday, December 15, 2012

Getting to where we are, volume 2

So, we said YES!  Once we said that word...that little...but so HUGE word, we were bursting with excitement!

I hsould back track to our decision making time....when I was reviewing her information on the computer, Ryleigh was behind me.  She just couldn't understand why this was even something we were thinking about!  Why wouldn't we just say yes!??  I explained to her then that this baby could grow up and be a beautiful healthy child full of energy and life....or she may continue to grow old, but continue to stay a 6 month old forever.  Ryleigh....with a very serious thoughtful look on her face says to me "Well, she still needs a mom and dad".   Can't argue with the deep wisdom of a then 10 year old.

We initially made the decision to NOT tell people about her diagnosis of Hydrocephalus.  This was because we knew that some people would not understand at all our hearts and our faith.  We did not want anyone to label her or put her in a box...or really just give us there opinion...or google Hydrocephalus and tell us all the scary things that it comes with.  We already knew that.  We just wanted people to lover her as her. 

As time went by we started telling some people of her diagnosis, but we always remained very positive about it...we have one of the best children's hospitals in the US only 20 minutes from our home.  We have one of the best rehab facilities in the country also 20 minutes from our home.  We literally live miles from the Intermediate School where they also provide her with PT/OT and Speech.  We had everything to give this child the best opportunities to thrive literally at our finger tips.

Her special needs was not well recieved by all and quite frankly, some people offered their very strong opinions...One person (a christian medical professional...I will just say not my kids' doctor) told me that "she will be nothing but a burden to us.  She will amount to nothing.  It would be unfair for my children to adopt her. Nick and I would surely end up in financial ruin and divorce."  That was the one time that I surely felt the devil attack. 

Because of Sadie's health and where we were with having everything together, our POA went to court for us in August, making Princess Solomey, Sadie Mae Beute. Nick traveled to Ghana in September to file our I600 and we went in November to bring her home....Here are some pictures of our homecoming...

Come back tomorrow....I will share more about our time specifically in Ghana, first impressions and an abundance of miracles...

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